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Who is Ben Pirrie?

Originally from Balloch, Scotland. Ben moved down to Derbyshire when he was 2 and apart from escaping to Hull to attend university, has remained there ever since! Now living in the centre of Derby, Ben still considers himself a proud Scotsman living in a strange land.

Ben’s love for art and drawing came about through his love for Transformers. Much of his childhood was spent playing with the iconic toys and learning how to draw them. He developed on this talent further until Ben was able to turn his hand to sketch anything and started to move away into creating fine art.

Ben attended the University of Lincolnshire and Humberside in Hull, where he studied Fine Art. During his time there, he actually dropped out of the course for a couple of weeks along with fellow students and set up The New Hull School of Art, to protest against the tuition fees and student loan system at the time. They made it on to the local news ‘Look North’ and Ben fondly remembers his claim to fame.

Ben at Auto Assembly 2014

Since leaving university, Ben has worked on his own particular style of painting which he likes to call ‘Abstract Figuratism’. Using oils on canvas, Ben likes to add abstract elements into his art and has a few symbols that are repeated throughout his work. Drawing upon artists such asĀ Mark Rothko, Wassily Kandinsky, Francis Bacon, Peter Howson and Taro Yamamoto.

Key themes touched on by his art include restriction, depression, and isolation.

An illustration inspired by the ‘Crow’ – one of Ben’s favourite movies and comic book series.

Over the past few years, Ben has specifically been working on his Illustration and enjoying working on a variety of projects from children’s book illustration to comic book lines and sketches. He draws on influences fromĀ E.J. Su, Geoff Senior, Nick Roche, Sal Buscema and Yoshiyuki Sadamoto. Well known amongst the Transformers art circuit, Ben is establishing a name for himself as an illustrator and looks forward to working with you on your project.

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