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Cybertronian Times

Client Auto Assembly 2015
Date   August 2015
Task   5 pages of lines for convention magazine
Coloured by Matt Marshall

2015 was the final Auto Assembly – Europe’s biggest convention for Transformers fans. As per previous years, I was invited along with other artists to create some pages for the convention’s issue of ‘Cybertronian Times’. As an avid Transformers fan since a young age, and probably one of the key factors that encouraged me to pursue a career in art and illustration, this is a project that I loved getting my teeth into.

Creating comic book lines is always fun when you’re working from a script and have to put those words into action, and in such a way that it adds depth to the overall story. This is something that I am incredibly passionate about and hope to work on many more comics, and graphic novels, in the future.

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