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The Challenge

Children’s book writer, Annabelle Hayes, needed an illustrator who could create the illustrations and cover for her new ebook – FrogIt!

‘I am looking for some images for my e-book. The story is about a koi karp (a fish) who is attempting the fastest pond crossing but he is very messy and there is a frog that lives on the pond that gets cross with him for messing up the pond. In the first image I would like you to depict Fred (the koi karp) with his fin shoes with coloured laces crossing the pond with the frog looking on looking cross.’

The project required a range of pond life and aquatic animals being depicted in a very human situation – and with human emotions too!

The Solution

Working with Annie, I was able to create a number of images based on scenes taken from the book. With some fine tuning it was possible to create some unique illustrations that really captured the essence of the story whilst appealing to children of all ages.

Great images, full of detail and captured the characters really well. Thanks Ben.’

Annie was delighted with the illustrations that I had created for her and commissioned me to provide images for her next paperback book – The Demon of the Deep and the Salt Ball Slicer, which will be published soon!

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